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The Summit for Democracy : USA invites 110 countries including Taiwan but China and Turkey ignored

On December 09, 2021, US President Joe Biden will host the summit based on democracy. Invitations have been sent to 110 countries from all over the world for this virtual summit. But the most interesting thing about this summit is that China’s name is not in the list of invited countries. The interest increases when Taiwan’s name appears in the list of invited participants. Turkey, which joined the Islamic terror-backed country Pakistan in the gray list of FATF a few days ago, has also not been invited.

The summit is the first of its kind organized by the Biden administration. It has been named ‘The Summit for Democracy’. It will be held virtually on 09th and 10th December 2021. The list of invited countries is available on the official website of the US State Department. Bharat’s name is also in this list, as well as invitation has been sent to Pakistan for this summit. Only Israel and Iraq from Middle East Asia will attend the summit, while old US allies Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, the United Arab Emirates and Qatar are not in the list of invitees.

However, the most surprising thing was to invite Taiwan without sending an invitation to China. This is because China has been continuously threatening the world to remain silent on the issue of Taiwan. But USA has gone many steps ahead on this sensitive issue by sending an invitation to Taiwan. Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry reported that Digital Minister Audrey Tang and Taiwan’s Ambassador to Washington, Hsiao Bi-Khim, will attend the summit on behalf of Taiwan.

China has lodged a strong objection to this decision of USA. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hao Lijian responded by saying that democracy is just a name, in reality the USA wants to use it to fulfill its geopolitical ambitions. Lijian also said that USA has only one objective, to put pressure on other countries for its interests and to create an environment of factionalism in the world. However, Taiwan’s invitation from the US has been welcomed and described as an acknowledgment of Taiwan’s efforts for democratic values ​​and human rights.

Apart from the representatives of the governments of the invited countries, members of civil society and private sectors will also participate in this virtual summit being organized on December 09-10. According to the US State Department, discussions will be organized mainly on three important issues in this summit. Themes for summit included defending against authoritarianism, addressing and fighting corruption and promoting respect for human rights. The delegates going to the summit will have full freedom to make announcements regarding their reformist commitments.