Comparison of Covid-19 situation in Bharat and rest of the world

Covid-19 : In past 7 days, 6,55,689 cases were found in USA, 2,90,242 in UK and only 70,079 in Bharat but now vultures of journalism will not be seen

You will remember that when the second wave of Covid-19 infection in Bharat showed a terrible form, then the number of infected patients was increasing continuously and the death figures were also breaking their old records. It was the time when the Western media displayed an ‘unprecedented’ display of its vulture journalism. Photos of burning pyres from Bharat were sold for thousands of dollars. Editorials were written, Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi was targeted and Bharat’s efforts in fighting the Coronavirus were tarnished.

But where is this vulture media now? In the last 24 hours, there have been only 7,579 new cases of infection in Bharat, which is the minimum in the last 543 days, while talking about ‘So Called’ developed western countries, there is a formidable form of infection in the same time period. Where only seven and a half thousand cases were reported in Bharat, 74,156 new infections were seen in USA, 44,917 in Britain, 40,489 in Germany and 24,856 in Turkey. Even small countries like Poland, Belgium, Netherlands, Austria and Hungary have more number of newly infected patients than Bharat. These are countries whose population is less than some states of Bharat and they have been appreciated on the parameters of ‘development’. In Russia, where 35,681 new cases of infection were seen, the number of deaths due to infection there was also 1,241.

Now let’s talk about the time period of the last 7 days of Covid-19 infection. In the last 7 days, 70,079 new cases of coronavirus infection were reported in Bharat. On the basis of new infections, Bharat is ranked 13th worldwide. Out of the 12 countries which are above Bharat in the order of priority, the number of new infected found in the last 7 days in 11 countries is above 01 lakh. These 12 countries are USA, Germany, UK, Russia, Turkey, Netherlands, Poland, France, Ukraine, Czech Republic, Belgium and Austria. During the last 7 days, the number of newly infected patients found in USA was 6,55,689, which is almost 10 times that of Bharat. Apart from this, 3,49,762 and 2,90,242 new cases were reported in Germany and UK respectively during the same time period. Compare yourself with where Bharat’s seventy thousand infection cases and where millions of new patients of these developed countries get infected.

Now compare whether you found or read any editorial praising Bharat or criticizing these western countries anywhere? Because for the Left dominated media institutions, the dire situation of transition in Bharat was like an occasion when the Government of Bharat and especially the Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi could be criticized and mistrust could be created in the people of Bharat. Along with Western media groups, Bharat’s Left and anti-Modi media groups also showed their propaganda. But today all of them have kept silence because today Bharat is in a better position than the whole western world in terms of new infections.

However, a major reason for the silence of Bharatiya media organizations is the worsening infection situation in Kerala. Today, when only 7,579 infected infected patients have been reported in Bharat in the last 24 hours, Kerala alone saw 3,698 new cases of infection during this time period. Now the Liberal and Left Media Institute of Bharat has refrained from criticizing Kerala because of the Left government in power here. It is a fact that leftists never fail. If the part of Kerala is removed from the total infection of Bharat, then the cases of infection in the rest of Bharat will remain only 3881, which is less than the cases of infection of many small countries like Jordan, Vietnam, Malaysia and so on.

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No matter how death occurs in any country, it is sad. When a man dies, hundreds of dreams and hopes die with him. Families break up, disintegrate. But that is not to say that why the media is not showing photographs of people who died in western countries or why photographs of dead bodies in coffins are not being sold for thousands of dollars. This is completely unfair, but when was it appropriate to celebrate the deaths in Bharat? Were only pyres lit in Bharat? Weren’t bodies buried in cemeteries?

But the deaths of Hindus were made fun of by showing burning pyres. The narrative of the failure of the Government of Bharat (which has been considered Hindutva-vadi) by showing burning pyre was propagated all over the world. This work was done by the western media and the leftist media of Bharat which is in shock today. They are in shocked to see the efforts being taken by Bharat in preventing the spread of Covid-19 infection and in the vaccination programme. The Left is in shock because even after the relentless propaganda, today Bharat has come very close to the goal of 100 percent vaccination (at least one dose) of its adult population. The vaccine made by the qualified scientists of Bharat is being accepted in the world today and Bharat has not only helped its citizens but also other countries of the world.

Today the whole world is fighting the infection. All countries, institutions and scientific community are involved in the search for permanent, proper and effective treatment of infection, but you should remember that when Bharat was at war with the worst form of this infection, a large section spoiled Bharat’s efforts. You must remember them. It was they who spread a lot of fake news, they were the ones who threw stones at health workers and policemen and tried to spread the infection by spitting in public places. You should remember those politicians who instead of supporting the government, conspired so that the central government would fail and the public dissatisfied with it. At the same time, special attention should be given to those public representatives who had tried their best to create dissatisfaction in the minds of the public at the beginning of the vaccination programme. If you remember, you will counter it when the time comes.

All statistics are taken from Worldometers.