Shri Krishn and Shrimati Radharani.

Does Radharani name exist in our texts?

Shrimati Radharani is also mentioned in Srimad Bhagavatam but without taking her name because Sukadev Goswami was Srimati Radharani’s parrot & if he would have uttered Radharani’s name then he would have entered into trance & could not have finished katha for Parikshit.

While Srila Vyasadev was writing Srimad Bhagavatam and explaining Krishn’s romantic dance with the Gopis He was meditating on Shrimati Radharani, but due to fear of falling into trance he did not directly mention her name in the Srimad Bhagavatam.

The name Radha is very sensitive, if by chance Srila Vyasadev or Sri Sukadev Goswami would have repeated it, the Srimad Bhagavatam would have not been completed. Sukadev Goswami is referred in Bhagavatam as Suk uvacha. Suk in Sanskrit means Parrot. He was Radharani’s Parrot.

Furthermore King Parikshit, the listener of Srimad Bhagavatam, only had seven days to live and was anxious to hear it in its totality, therefore Sri Sukadev Goswami was afraid to mention Radharani’s name because if he did he would have gone into a trance.

That is why her name is not directly mentioned either by Srila Vyasadev in writing, nor by Sri Sukadev Goswami while speaking the Srimad Bhagavatam. In this way, Radha’s name is kept concealed in the Srimad Bhagavatam. Radharani is referred indirectly in the following verse:

SB10.30.28: अनयाराधि तोनूनं भगवान्हरिरीश्वरः। यन्नोविहायगोविन्दः प्रीतोयामनयद्रहः।।

‘Dear friends, the gopi who has been taken away by Krishn to a secluded place must have worshiped the Lord more than anyone else.’

“The name Radha is derived from this verse (SB 10.30.28), from the word अनयाराधि, meaning “by Her the Lord is worshiped.” Sometimes the critics of Srimad-Bhagavatam find it difficult to find Radharani’s holy name in that book.

…but the secret is disclosed here in the word अराधिता, from which the name Radha has come. Of course, the name of Radharani is directly mentioned in other Puran. This gopi’s worship of Krishn is topmost, and therefore Her name is Radha, or ‘the topmost worshiper.'”

In SB 10.32.4: Sukadeva has said, “कचित्कराम्बुजं सौरेर्जगृहेंजलिनामुदा”।

One of them seized Krishn’s hand in her folded palms. “कचित” refers to “one of them”. That one is Shri Radharani.

SB10.30.38: एवमुक्तः प्रियामाह स्कन्धमारुह्यतामिति। तत स्कन्तार्दधेकृष्णः सावधूरमवतप्यत।।

After being addressed by a particular gopi, Krishn told Her, Climb up on My shoulder. Saying this He suddenly disappeared. His beloved consort then immediately felt great remorse.

SB 10.30.26: describes how after Krishn left the rasa dance with one special gopi the other gopis went searching for “वध्वाः”- that special gopi (Radharani).

SB10.47.11: काश्चिन्मधुकरंदृष्ट्वा ध्यायन्तीकृष्णसंगमम्। प्रियप्रस्थादितंदूतं कल्पयित्वेद्मब्रवीत्।।

One of the gopis, while meditating on her previous association with Krishn, saw a honeybee & imagined it to be a messenger sent by her beloved. Thus she spoke as follows the word “कश्चिन” in this verse, meaning “one of the gopis” refers to Radha. Aside from the Bhagavatam, Radharani is described elaborately in Brahma-Vaivarta, Padm, and Narad Puran as well as Garga Samhita.

4th chapter of Ujjvala-Nilamani, “Sri Radha-Prakaranam” texts 3 & 4, Rupapad cites the Gopala-tapani Upanisad (of Atharva Ved), Uttara-khand, where Radha is called Gandharvi & the Rig Ved Parishisth where her name Radha is mentioned. There she is described as consort of Madhav ‘From the Vedic literature we come to know that Shri Radharani is referred to as ‘Gandharvi’ in the second part of the Gopala-Tapani, and as ‘Radha’ in the Rig Ved Parishisth.’

From Padm Puran to many other Puran and other Vedic scriptures directly mentions Shrimati Radharani name.

Bhagwan Shiv states in the “Sammohan Tantra” thus,

तस्मज् ज्योर्तिअभ्युदय द्वेधाः राधा माधव रूपकम्।

“The Supreme Bhagwan Sri Krishn, although one and alone, He becomes two Radha and Madhava (another name of Bhagwan Krishn) just to perform His loving pastimes.”
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