The Concept of Narrative and Propaganda used for anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu movements.

You all must have heard that by manipulating the history of Bharat, a Narrative was created which would develop an inferiority complex among Hindus for their own Dharm and culture. Apart from this, our education system is also a kind of Narrative which is working to make us ideologically weak. At present, you must have also heard about many such incidents where a Propaganda is run on caste or Dharm. After listening to such news, it may be that for once the question must have arisen in your mind that what is this Narrative or Propaganda? Many people will also know about them, but there are such a large number of people who are ignorant of the concept of Narrative or Propaganda. In such a situation it becomes necessary that we know how leftists play with our thoughts? How ideological conspiracies are made against Hindus by distorting facts and phenomena?

There have been many times in the history of Bharat when there have been many conspiracies to divide the Hindus and intermingle their cultural identity. These conspiracies are still being done today. This conspiracy is called Narrative and Propaganda. Today, in this article, we will learn how a narrative has been continuously made against Hindus and tried to weaken us by running propaganda.

Just as it is necessary to understand the basic concepts of any subject to understand it, it is also necessary to understand the game of Narrative and Propaganda in order to understand the process of how the Left and Jihadis organize conspiracies against Hindus.

Let us first talk about what is a Narrative. It is necessary to know about Narrative because Narrative construction is a long term process through which any ideology is blunted in an institutional manner. The same thing happened with the Hindus.

In the process of Narrative construction, mediums that influence the thinking of the society, such as academic curriculum, literature, historical documents, cinema and audio or video materials are manipulated. The problem always remained in Bharat that the education system of Bharat is influenced by Western culture and the functioning of this education system does not do justice to the glorious history of Bharat. The British completely destroyed Bharat’s education system. They implemented the English education system in Bharat, which resulted in the domination of the western world in Bharat after independence. Even after independence, leftist and Liberal intellectuals were prominently involved in sensitive works like curriculum construction. Their task was to make the next generation of Hindus thoughtless through educational curriculum.

Now, let us see how the work of creating Narrative took place.

First of all, let’s talk about medieval history. Medieval period in Bharat has been known since the invasion of Muslim invaders in Bharat. After that a large part of our educational curriculum has been dedicated to the Mughals. The Mughals numbered some 250–300 years of rule in Bharat, but they are described as if the Mughals had been in Bharat for not 250 but 2500 years. A large part of medieval history is devoted to the architecture, painting, administration and military visits of the Mughals. However, the description of atrocities committed by the Mughals on Hindus will be rare. There is no description of thousands of Hindu temples destroyed by the Mughals in Bharatiya medieval history. It is a miracle of the Narrative created by the Left that the Mughals come to the fore after imagining medieval history. Other Hindu rulers have been described in medieval history as if they were petty Zamindars of a village and their reign here should be of 10–12 years.

Whereas in medieval Bharat there have been dynasties ruling for 300 to 500 years. Such as Pratihara, Rashtrakuta, Chalukya, Chola, Pallava, Hoysala, Kakatiya etc. Examples of the richness and cultural dedication of these kings are still present in the form of temples and shrines of South Bharat, whose architecture and workmanship are unique in the whole world. But the history has made it nearer that unique is the tomb of Taj Mahal and Fatehpur Sikri.

Sanatan’s varn system has also been shown to be discriminatory. The biggest example of leftist narrative in Bharat is dissatisfaction among Bharatiya Hindus towards the varn system. Chaturvarnya system was described as discriminatory system and dissatisfaction among Hindus was done. The way in which the reaction of other varn is seen in the society against the Brahmins today is the result of the negative narrative created against the varn system.

Now let’s talk about cinematic natives.

You may remember that films made before the 90s featured people of high character as adulterers and exploiters. Most of them consisted of Brahmins who were either priests of a temple or a person considered to be the eminent of the village. While depicting these Brahmins, the performance of Janeu, Tilak and Shikha was mandatory. In many films, a Brahmin character was shown committing a crime by highlighting Janeu. Apart from this, the Brahmin was also shown as a clown whose style is like that of a circus clown and who is fiercely greedy. This is the case of criminals and exploiters, but who was the person who supported hero until last breath and stood up to the principles against injustice? A Pathan. As you will notice, in such films, the Muslim name and the five-time Namaji character used to be the most loyal ally of the hero and he also sacrificed his life for the hero.

Now look at the substituted narrative here.

When the criminal and the exploiting character is of high character then the victim will be of lower character. The hero will fight to bring justice to these inferior people. The cooperation of this hero will be done by a Muslim and this starts with the story of the false alliance of Dalit-Muslim. Narrative of this alliance is going on till date. Such films are still shown today. Films are the best medium to run the agenda as films reach even the lowest strata of the society. Through the cinema, the views of uneducated and under-educated people can be changed. Today the form of cinema is changing and now we are being served through anti-Bharat or anti-Hindu Narrative web series. The leftists are engaged in their task of frustrating the society through web series in the absence of censorship.

There are many such narrators who have been running against the Hindus for decades. The purpose of running such a Narrative is only one, to weaken the Hindus and to carry out the leftist agenda in Bharat.

Left and jihadists have another weapon that is used continuously. Sometimes to create riots within Bharat, sometimes to create an atmosphere against Hindus. This weapon is Propaganda. It is a short term process with the help of which a quick goal is met. Propaganda is a deadly, effective and toxic weapon of ideological warfare. With its help, leftist, jihadi and liberal intellectuals try to influence many such issues in Bharat which are entirely in the interest of society and the nation.

You all must have heard about cast based movements many times. Such as the Sawarn Movement, Jat and Gurjar Movement, Patel Movement of Gujarat. They are all part of a propaganda. From time to time, leftist and anti-Hindu parties create such propaganda to divide Hindus and take advantage in elections. One of the biggest examples of anti-Hindu propaganda is the anti-Hindu riots in Delhi. These riots started on the backdrop of anti-CAA were in fact completely anti-Hindu. Today, when the accused of the Delhi riots are coming out, the whole of Bharat is seeing that these accused belong to a particular community which is always scared. This scared community selectively killed the Hindus. Hindus were the biggest losers in the Delhi riots. Hindus like Ankit Sharma, Ratanlal, Dilbar Negi were murdered in a manner that would present a model of the ongoing jihad against the Hindus, but under the Left and Jihadi Propaganda, the riots of Delhi marketed as anti-Muslim riots all over the world. The riots in Delhi were demonstrated through mass national and international media forums as slaughtering of Muslims by BJP government-backed Hindus. Completely reversing the reality of these riots was a part of a global leftist and jihadi propaganda. The purpose of this propaganda was to create a huge instability in Bharat under the pretext of the CAA to propagate the atrocities on Muslims by the present central government of Bharat.

You must have noticed in the last 5-6 years that whenever elections are held in Bharat, a species comes out which cries of intolerance. This species of writer, artist or film buffoons starts to feel insecure in Bharat. These award-winning writers, artists and film buffoons are actually a part of the propaganda created by the Left to influence elections. This propaganda lasts as long as elections go. This propaganda of intolerance also ends after the elections are over.

Recently, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath was accused of being anti-Brahmin after the encounter of Vikas Dubey and his gang members in Uttar Pradesh. In fact, the charge was a propaganda initiated by the opposition parties, especially the Congress. Everyone knows that the population of Brahmins in Uttar Pradesh is sufficient, so to create dissatisfaction against the present BJP government of the state, Yogi Ji’s propaganda of being anti-Brahmin was run. Although the so-called Liberal and intellectual community of Bharat has not been able to find the Dharm of terrorism till date, but it was successful in finding the cast of the criminals killed in Uttar Pradesh. It is because of the opportunity to divide the society.

Such is the leftist policy. Our ignorance and carelessness gives these leftists an opportunity to run their narratives and propaganda. We never knew how we were becoming victims of conspiracies of the Left. Films, TV serials, web shows, textbooks and different forums ran anti-Bharat and anti-Hindu narratives and propaganda, but we Hindus never understood it. We were engrossed in mutual conflicts and kept fighting. Today, the Left may be politically weak but still institutionally powerful. These leftists continue to attack the Hindus by using different resources. Identify these leftists who are running anti-Bharat agenda and try to break their narrative. Make their propaganda non-existent. If we do not do so today, these leftists and Liberals will ruin our generations by making them heretics, by entangling them in net of their narrative and propaganda.

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