Patanjali is an excuse, the target is on the Bharatiya Sanatan knowledge system.

Recently Acharya Balakrishn and Baba Ramdev ji came up with a medicine called Coronil to cure corona virus disease. The Corona Kit manufactured by Patanjali is a mixture of three medicines. This kit contains Coronil tablets, Shwasari Vati and Anu Tail. This corona kit, which is under the banner of Divya Pharmacy, contains the medicine for 30 days. According to Patanjali, the cost of this kit is only Rs 545. Baba Ramdev Ji told this in the press conference that 69% of the patients suffering from Covid19 with this drug have recovered in 3 days and 100% of the patients in 7 days. Now what is the future of this medicine? What are the types of rules related to its different types of trials? And how will this medicine be made available in the market further? All this is another subject which is related to clinical research and Bharatiya legal systems related to it. But all of you must have noticed that only after Patanjali announced this medicine, a large section got out of control. This class went crazy. It seemed as if Baba Ramdev ji had announced attachment of the property of this class. This class started putting a question mark on Patanjali. Acharya Balakrishn and Baba Ramdev ji started being made fun of. You all know who this great class is, where it is found and under what conditions. In fact, this class belongs to the Librandus, the leftists and the supporters of self-proclaimed modernization. As soon as this class heard the name of Patanjali and especially Ayurved, its kidney worm became stung. Just like smelly insects get dull after putting medicine in the drain.

If you think that this class of Librandus and leftists have a problem with Baba Ramdev or Patanjali, think once again. You are completely wrong. You are still unfamiliar with the concept of protest and disagreement in this Bharat. The reality is that this downtrodden class has problems with the entire Bharatiya Sanatan knowledge system. The Yog which the whole world is accepting as an invaluable heritage today, is being called communal in Bharat itself. The gift of Yog given by Hindus to the whole world was also accepted happily by Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, the same Yog is unacceptable for the Muslims of Bharat today. Making Yog compulsory for the Left is a violation of constitutional freedom. The same problem is with Ayurved as well. Ayurved is also ultimately a part of the Sanatan knowledge system. One of our Upved is Ayurved. Among the early knowledge of Ayurved are the great Hindu sages and mystics. Those who composed the texts of Ayurved have also been great saints of Sanatan. In such a situation Baba Ramdev ji had to be opposed.

Now imagine that if Baba Ramdev was not a Hindu saint wearing saffron but a person associated with other sects, would he have been treated the same way? Would he and his colleagues have been ridiculed for their months of hard work?

Not at all.

It is the crime of Baba Ramdev and Patanjali that they represent the millennium old Sanatan system of medicine. Both of these do not fit into the modernity of Librandus and Leftists of Bharat. By the way, neither Acharya Balkrishn Ji nor Baba Ramdev ji has made this medicine mandatory for anyone and every person is free to get treatment according to his convenience, but still there has been problems in the stomach of this bogus class of Bharat. This class is free to treat or not to treat the corona virus, sneezing or coughing at each other’s mouth, but no one makes any difference, but still these Librandu, intellectuals and leftists who are burden on the heart of our nation are most concerned. It is clear that they are not worried about whether this Coronil tablet of Patanjali will work or not. Their main concern is that a saffron wearing guy and his team, have managed to cure the disease which is great concern for the biggest countries of the world and till now the western medical world has not found any way of treatment, made medicine and that too with the help of Bharat’s Sanatan medical system.

However, this is not happening today. Manipulation has been done for decades in the history of Bharat. This work started by the British continued even after independence. All the aspects related to Sanatan in our history have been erased. Our courses have been biased towards our Sanatan knowledge system. Only the next generations of those who misinterpret history are ridiculing Ayurved and Baba Ramdev today.

By the way, the blame is also ours. What we have done is to protect our invaluable heritage. We always looked at our medical practices from the West’s point of view. In the race for modernity, we ourselves destroyed our heritage of knowledge and science. These leftists and intellectuals take advantage of this weakness of ours. They do not want us to be strong towards our Sanatan Dharm. They do not want Bharat to stand on the forefront of the world with the help of his Sanatan knowledge and science. Their strong desire is that Bharat, like other countries, be entangled in its internal problems. Whatever our characteristics, these leftists want to make them our weakness. But this will not happen. Not only Ayurved medical system of Bharat, but the knowledge base of the entire Sanatan is slowly reaching the common people. In order to maintain its immunity in this crisis of Corona virus, Ayurvedic measures are being taken across Bharat today. People are either buying from the market or using home made decoction etc. It is not that Bharatiya people are completely stuck in the clutches of the leftists and the conspirators of the West, but we have to work more in our strength. We have to take the knowledge of our Sanatan from generation to generation.

Thousands of such Librandus, leftists and intellectuals will be waging war, trying to surround us by forming groups but the lion does not change his ways. It may be that he will be distracted for a few moments by the attack of these jackals living in the group, but if the mutual organization remains, then these jeering jackals will not spoil us anything.

Hence Hindus! Make full use of your Sanatan knowledge. Be healthy, be prosperous and establish Bharat as a guru on the globe.

Har Har Mahadev.

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