Health issues in Bharat.

Today not only Bharat but the whole world is struggling with the corona virus crisis. This virus originating from China has reached all the countries of the world today. No country has been unaffected by this, whether it is a developing country or a developed one. Due to this virus, the health facilities of the whole world have been exposed today. This disease of Covid 19 has given the message that now we need to rethink our health facilities.

Other countries of the world will definitely review their health problems and facilities according to their policies, but a lot of work remains to be done in the health sector for Bharat. Bharat is in a better position than many countries of the world in this crisis of corona virus. The main reason behind this is political readiness and better immune system of Bharatiya people. But in addition to Covid 19, Bharat will have to review its entire health sector. The purpose of this article is to make people aware of health problems and inspire them to think about their solutions.

First of all, we talk about some statistics because without statistics people do not think anything serious.

One woman dies of cervical cancer every 8 minutes in Bharat.

One out of two women suffering from breast cancer in Bharat dies.

Each year the number of new cancer patients is above eleven and a half million.

In 2018, 7,84,821 people died due to cancer in Bharat of which 4,13,519 were males and the rest were females.

The probability of getting cancer at age of 75 years is 9.81% among men while it is 9.42% for women.

In the same age group, the proportion of victims who died of cancer is 7.34% for men and 6.28% for women.

The survey conducted during 2015-2019 identified 63,000 diabetic potential people up to the age of 50 in 21 districts of which 56,771 were found to be suffering from diabetes.

The probability of diabetes in men is 12% while for women it is 11.7%.

The probability of diabetes in urban areas is 10.9% to 14.2% while in rural areas the number is 3.0% to 7.8%.

The number of deaths due to diabetes in Bharat is around two and a half million.

Apart from these diseases, blood pressure, heart disease and malnutrition are highly worrying for Bharat. Today if we talk about ourselves, there will be many women and men around us who will suffer from such serious diseases. They can be our relatives, friends or neighbors. If we talk about their number then the figures can be frightening. Surprisingly, when we pay attention to the daily routine of these people, we do not see any such possibility and one day we come to know that such a person has been suffering from cancer, diabetes or any other such serious disease. The question arises as to what are the factors which are responsible for the spread of such serious diseases in Bharat? Why are cancer, diabetes or blood pressure diseases becoming so common?

let’s watch.

First of all, we have to study the reasons behind these diseases.

The first big reason is negligence and irregular routine.

Symptoms of diseases like cancer and diabetes can be identified only in the initial stage but these symptoms are not taken care of. Instead of talking about problems and knowing their reasons, the tendency to ignore them has become firmly entrenched in us. This problem is greater in women because women believe more to pressurize them instead of discussing their problem. When the pain becomes unbearable then women express it but by then the problem has reached its next stage. It is not that education has any contribution in this trend of women because such trend is seen in urban women along with villages.

Apart from this, the working style of present Bharat is irregular. The population living in the cities maintains health at the secondary level while at the primary level there is trade, job or earning. Due to this trend of people and blind race of modernity, today Bharat is constantly suffering from diseases like diabetes, blood pressure and mental depression. Later, these problems become the basis of heart disease.

The second cause of health-related problems is the incorporation of harmful elements in the food chain and the failure of the administration to stop it. Today pesticides and fertilizers are being used indiscriminately in fruits and vegetables. In addition, more concern is the use of dangerous chemicals in vegetables and fruits to make more profit, which should be unacceptable. We go to buy vegetables and fruits but we do not know which fruits or vegetables are cooked artificially and which products are natural. In this ignorance, we do not know how much chemicals we consume every day. These chemicals later produce toxic substances in our body. This means that a person who does not eat vegetables is more healthy than a person who eats vegetables. The same is the case with milk products. Today most milk products are being adulterated. Different types of substances are added to them to increase the volume and to keep the products longer. These substances are harmful to our body.

Now the subject comes to stop this adulteration. There is also availability of laws for this in Bharat, but these laws are not effective to that extent because the reach of the administration is limited to these adulterants. Due to this failure of administration, the ingestion of harmful substances in the food items continues uninterruptedly and consumers continue to consume the poisonous substances slowly as food.

The third reason for worsening of Bharat’s health problems is related to the trend of health-related policies. In fact, most of the health policies that are formulated in Bharat and the programs run on the basis of them are related to the condition and treatment of the patient after the disease. However, such programs should be more focused on early stage of illness and identification of potential patients. A policy should be made that does not allow people to reach even the primary stage of the disease. Prior identification of potential patients is very important for the diagnosis of health problems. This crisis of corona virus has suggested this route to us. Just as we are currently tracking potential patients of the corona virus, we should be tracking the patients of each disease before they become victims. There is no shortage of health programs and budgets, but in Bharat, innovation is most needed in health-related policies.

There are problems, but what are the solutions?

The answer to this question is not difficult and we are also aware of this, but due to the tendency to keep health at a secondary level, we seem to be unable to make the diagnosis practically in our lives. Today the government is also giving priority to organic and natural fertilizers and pesticides. There is awareness among people about organic products, but still we are not serious about these efforts. There are so many distinguished people in the society but who motivate an unemployed youth around them to make organic agriculture or produce organic products. Gauvansh is prone to accidents on the roads, but there is a huge lack of awareness among our farmers and entrepreneurs to use them properly. If we encourage the gardener around us to use organic products, then he will definitely give up artificial and chemical pesticides and fertilizers.

There is a need for a strong awareness among the public regarding health related issues. Women should be specially educated. Awareness of women can be effective in ending their health problems. Women are disciplined compared to men, which should benefit them. By not neglecting their problems, women can improve their health condition by discussing extensively about them and adopting preliminary measures for their diagnosis. It is said that when a woman is healthy and educated, then her family is also healthy and educated. A healthy woman is the basis of a healthy generation.

It is a myth that diseases like blood pressure, diabetes and heart disease are incurable. The reality is that there are many diseases like these which can be eradicated only by dietary restraint and routine discipline. Discipline is very important for diagnosing health problems. Undisciplined routines lead to ill-health. We admire the energy of Swami Vivekananda, Narendra Modi, Yogi Adityanath and many other such people’s representatives and want to be like them but we do not want to follow their yog and discipline based routines. Now the whole world is including yog in its daily routine, but yog needs to be followed without making it a fashion. In addition to yog, vegetarian and Satwik food is very important for our health.

Ayurved :

Ayurved is the medical system which has been most neglected in the present time. You may be surprised to know this, but in Bharat, Ayurved fell for secularism. The erstwhile governments did not introduce Ayurved simply because Ayurved is mentioned in the religious texts of Hindus. While Ayurved is invaluable capital for today’s medical needs. Ayurved has the power of complete purification of the human body. Ayurved is a medical system through which all diseases can be treated easily. Symptom-based diseases can be eliminated at the initial stage only with the help of Ayurved, because Ayurved describes medicines that are easily available around us. The plants which we also consider as meaningless and toxic, can also be used like medicine in some form or the other in Ayurved. Now we can take the example of corona virus where the patient’s chances of recovery depends on his immunity. No other medical method can be better than Ayurved in building a person’s immunity. Due to non-availability of adequate research works and budget for Ayurved, Ayurved has been marginalized and the effect of allopathy has increased. Today, medicine is expensive and uncertain due to the increasing effect of allopathy. The present government is striving for the upliftment of Ayurved but there is a need to bring more seriousness and institutional improvement in the efforts. Also, awareness should be increased within the people about Ayurved.

Bharat today is in a situation where we have to fight a big and long-term ideological war. It is possible that we also have to contribute physically. We have to make endless efforts to become socially and economically strong and to regain our lost place in the world. But no effort from a sick body is worthwhile. Weakness is like a curse, and by taking a sick body, we are only hurting our nation. If we have to make our full contribution to the empowerment of our religion and nation, then we have to keep ourselves healthy.

Stay healthy stay strong.

जय श्री राम।।

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