Analysis of Congress’s power appetite. The same hunger due to which Congress is becoming anti-Bharat.

There is a saying that if a lie is spoken many times, it starts to become true. Congress always follows this adage. Recently a situation of conflict has arisen between Bharat and China. China fraudulently attacked our soldiers in the Galvan Valley, leading to martyrdom of our 20 soldiers. It is not that only our soldiers have suffered. China has also suffered a major military loss. His soldiers have been killed in this conflict and it is certain that the number of his dead soldiers is much more. But as China has always been doing, keeping the data secret, it is still doing the same thing today.

Now we leave China for a few moments and talk about the Congress having a different place in Bharatiya politics. The Congress is like a termite inside Bharat which is continuously working to weaken Bharat from within. The Congress is also looking for opportunities in the current Bharat-China conflict, in order to destabilize Bharat’s political conditions.

In this article we will discuss about this behavior of Congress. Going not far behind in history, we will do a post-mortem of the behavioral change of Congress from 2014 onwards. From 2014, the Congress shies away from power and it is a matter to note that the Congress which remains away from power becomes more deadly than the Congress which is in power.

First let’s talk about the reaction of the Congress during the terrorist attacks and the subsequent retaliation.

In January 2016, Pathankot Air Force Station is attacked by Pakistan-backed Islamic militants. The purpose of this attack was to damage the planes by attacking in Bharat’s strategic area.

After this, on September 18, there is a terrorist attack once again in the brigade headquarters of the Bharatiya Army, Uri, in which 17 of our heroes martyred. After this, two more jawans martyred in the hospital.

Now another attack takes place in Pulwama. In this attack on 14 February 2019, 40 CRPF personnel receive Veeragati. In this attack, a Jaish-e-mohammed suicide bomber hits a bus carrying CRPF personnel from an RDX loaded vehicle.

Apart from this many terror attacks took place but these terror attacks were gruesome and the response of Congress after these attacks is noticeable.

The first question that the Congress raises after these attacks is the failure of the intelligence system. Prior to 2014, Congress had been in government for 10 years. In such a situation, he has so much knowledge that the report of the success or failure of the intelligence system cannot be made public. But still the Congress questions the intelligence system and tries to surround the government on the same. The Congress knows that the government will not give any answer in this matter, but still the question of failure of intelligence system is raised again and again. The Congress does this so that the failure of the government can be propagated in the event that the government does not get the answer. A belief can be developed among the people that the government’s intelligence system has failed.

After these attacks, there is a second trend of Congress. The Congress’s first attack is directly on the government. The Congress refrains from saying any harsh words about the terrorist organizations who directly take responsibility for this attack. The criticism of Pakistan by the Congress also shows formality. The way the Congress attacks the government, there is no statement of the Congress about Pakistan or terrorist organizations seriously.

The Congress and the third issue associated with these attacks are fatal. This is the issue of the politicization of terrorist attacks. As we all know that the Congress base is continuously shrinking. To prevent this shrinking mass base and thrill the remaining mass base, the Congress broadcasts the terror attacks as a personal benefit of the BJP. After these attacks, always a regional or inactive leader of Congress asks whether this attack is related to any electoral gains. They indirectly imply that the BJP can plot such attacks to take advantage for the electoral gains. At the completion of one year of the Pulwama attack, Rahul Gandhi tweeted and asked three questions, the first question was, who benefited from this attack? Only the Congress can do the work of linking the sacrifices of the soldiers with any benefit. It is worth noting here that such questions are asked not in ignorance but deliberately. The purpose of these questions is to create a feeling of mistrust among the common people. Though this conspiracy of the Congress has no effect among the common people who consider it in the interest of the nation, but blind supporters of the Congress continue to sing this lie to the common people according to their ability.

Now Bharat retaliates.

After the terrorist attack in Uri, high-level meetings take place and surgical strikes are planned at terrorist bases located in PoK there. Ten days after the Uri attack, the best commandos of the Bharatiya Army cross the LoC and enter the PoK and destroy the terrorist hideouts and return safely, giving painful death to around 150 to 200 terrorists.

The second time, when the CRPF jawans faced a brutal terrorist attack, the Bharatiya Air Force targets Jaish’s centers to avenge the terrorist attack. At midnight on 26 February, Bharatiya Air Force aircraft cross the LoC and bombard the Jaish-e-Mohammed targets in Balakot and return safely after the terrorist installations are destroyed. The number of Jaish terrorists killed in this attack ranged between 350 and 400.

After these retaliatory actions of Bharat, the response of Congress is mixed and diplomatic. The Congress casts doubt on the figures of these proceedings. Just as Pakistan and terrorist organizations continue to deny the attacks from Bharat till the last, Congress also expresses apprehensions over the army’s claims by not using direct language. Congress demands proof and pressures the government to release evidence. The Congress cannot directly raise questions on the Army because it anticipates the respect and pride present among the people towards the Army, but in fact under the pretext of the Government, the Congress also questions the Army. This is a factual aspect that the Air Force will not be able to count down the dead bodies of the terrorists by taking down their aircraft after the attack and even without receiving strong information of the terrorists, it will not do such a large military operation, but still the Congress creates an atmosphere of doubt. Congress also has such a tendency that it will not believe any source of government nor allow people to do it. Till the last time, the Congress is trying to awaken a feeling of mistrust of the people towards the government and the army.

Congress and China:

The border dispute between Bharat and China remains. China always tries to crush Bharat’s interests due to its expansionary policy. After the formation of the BJP government at the Center after 2014, Bharat’s China-based policy has changed. China is shocked because of this change by Bharat. This same rage in China was seen in Doklam and now Galvan Valley.

In June-July 2017, there was a dispute between the army of Bharat and China in Doklam. China was building the road illegally in Doklam. Now, since the place where China was constructing the road was disputed and China’s presence there is not strategically in Bharat’s interest. Bharat opposed China, leading to a deadlock between the armies of Bharat and China.

At present, Bharat is serious about its border security and is committed to protecting its borders from neighbors like China and Pakistan. Due to this commitment, Bharat is constructing strategic roads and bridges at the borders quickly. China is badly troubled by this awareness of Bharat. The result of this anger of China is the military struggle of Galvan Valley. China attacked our soldiers with deception. The dastardly attack on our soldiers reflects China’s imbalanced mental state. Due to the economic boycott of China launched in Bharat and the corona virus on the global forums, the situation of China, which is constantly isolated, is no longer the same. China is constantly being ashamed. The present BJP government has adopted an aggressive attitude towards China. China is not used to this kind of aggressive behavior from Bharat because earlier governments have bowed to China.

Now here too we can see the low politics of Congress. When many other countries of the world, as well as many opposition parties of Bharat are supporting Bharat in this conflict started with China, in such a situation, the Congress is pretending to ask the government questions. The leftists of Bharat are also trying to surround the government instead of condemning China. Although the leftists will not oppose the expansionist policies of their ideological father China, but the Congress is working in Bharat to run China’s agenda.

Looking at the statements of Congress leaders, it is clearly understood that their intention is to prove the Government of Bharat weak in front of the public. If we look at the tweet or statement of Chinese officials and leaders who spread Chinese propaganda, then it shows that the words of Congress leaders are different from those Chinese but the sentiment is the same. The Gandhi family became more active as soon as the conflict with China began. Sonia and Rahul are repeatedly asking the same question, why did the government give Bharat’s land to China? The Prime Minister has clarified that not even an inch of Bharat’s land is in the possession of China, but the Congress wants to raise doubts in the minds of the people due to its same old habit (telling a lie a thousand times). The Congress wants to destabilize the government under the present circumstances. Pakistan, China and the Congress are three only want that there should be no BJP government at the center in Bharat.

At the time of the Doklam dispute, the Congress was running its agenda. Rahul Gandhi himself met the Chinese Ambassador but the Congress did not give any reason for this meeting. After that the Congress attack on the government was intensified.

Presently, the Congress wants the government to know the condition of Galvan Valley. The Congress wants to know about Bharat’s diplomatic and strategic preparations. It is known to the Congress that the government will never make its strategy public but the Congress still repeats the same question so that the message is sent to the public that the government is hiding something.

Under the leadership of Sonia Gandhi, the condition of the Congress is getting worse. In the greed of power, the Congress is now taking on anti-Bharat antics. You will remember that it was the Congress that opposed Rafael the most. The Congress reached the Supreme Court to stop Rafale’s purchase. The aim was to stop Rafael from coming to Bharat. Whereas the Air Force and the Government had told how much Rafale is necessary for Bharat. Today the Congress has become completely intolerant. Congress is becoming increasingly deadly by staying away from power. However, the Congress does not have the moral right to say anything on the issue of China because the Bharatiya people can never forget what the greatest Prime Minister of the Congress, Nehru did in 1962. Sonia Congress is a political poison that is anti-Bharat and intolerant. Its aim is only the attainment of power and not the welfare of Bharat.

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