Hindutva Yatra Part 4 : Importance of Hindutva in the vision of Bharat as a nation.

In the very first article of Raag Bharat, it is explained what is the difference between a country and a nation. Bharat is envisaged as a nation. I consider myself lucky that I was born in this land of Bharat. Nothing in this world is greater than Bharatvarsh. Its cultural and eternal identity is unique. Today, while the whole world is grappling with internal conflicts in some form or the other, a religious and national renaissance is taking place in Bharat. It is not that Bharat remains completely calm and orderly. Bharat is at war on many fronts simultaneously. On one hand there is the crisis of corona virus on the other hand to maintain the economy. On one side there are internal enemies hidden in the corners, on the other side there are boisterous neighbors like Pakistan and China. Bharat is facing a loss, but a positive aspect of all these events is that the people who were in a dormant state till now, are awake today. Bharatiya are learning to build their nation. They have started to walk on the path of self-sufficiency. Today, the path of cultural upliftment of Bharat is paving way because people have learned to strengthen their side by sacrificing neutrality. The sentiment of Hindutva is prevailing in one form or the other among the people of Bharat.

The purpose of this article of the Hindutva Yatra Series is to study the importance of Hindutva in the vision of Bharat as a nation.

Hindutva is a common identity of people living in this Bharat. Every person living there is a unified land from the Himalayas in the north to the Hind Mahasagar in the south and Arunachal in the east to Gujarat in the west. Hindutva is the cultural and nationalist sentiment of this Hindu. The feeling of Hindutva is not diminished by the mere saying of any leftist or Congressman. The followers of Hindutva always dreamed of unification of Bharat. Swatantryaveer Vinayak Damodar Savarkar has well explained the importance of Hindutva in the upliftment of the nation. A nation that has so much diversity that moving from one district to another changes the languages, changes the dish, the factor of integration of that nation cannot be a subtle idea. Hindutva is the platform for the integration of Bharat. Hindutva is based on the vision of Shri Ram’s Ram Rajya which is not entangled in the fabric of thy personal welfare or narrow ideology of state welfare, but talks about the welfare of the gross earth. Hindutva is a summary of Shri Krishna’s practical sociology that is necessary for the establishment of Dharm. Hindutva is an ideology that provides the courage to sacrifice one’s self for national upliftment. What does a nation want from its citizens? How can the greatness of any nation remain strong? All this is possible when the citizens of the nation have a shared sense of pride towards their civilization and culture. Hindutva is this pride in Bharat. Hindutva is a unique combination of nationalism with Sanatan. Can we imagine Bharatvarsh without Sanatan? Can Bharat be defined differently from Hindu Dharm? This is not possible because Bharat is great because it has been the land of Sanatan Dharm. Nationalism exists not from today but from ages to ages. In every era, the idea of ​​nationalism had different meanings but the essence of nationalism remained the same. Hindutva is the inspiration of the same Dharmic nationalism.

We envisage a great nation, Bharat, where no one considers himself to be Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Punjabi, Bengali and Gujarati instead of being an Bharatiya. Regional identity is necessary, but above that is national identity. Hindutva is the only tool for unification of the nation of Bharat. Hindutva is the only feeling of being a Hindu. For hundreds of years, the propagation of Hindu Dharm spread not only in Bharat but in different parts of the world. The great rulers of Bharat extended the Hindu Empire to South East Asia. Even today, Hindu temples located in countries of South East Asia say the saga of the presence of Sanatan. This expansion was not only political but also cultural. Kashi-Kashmir, Karnavati-Kamakhya, Bhubaneswar-Brahmadesh, Madras-Cambodia were all linked to the existence of Sanatan Dharm. With the separation of the names and rulers of the states, the doctrine of fragmentation of Jambudweep is not acceptable. Bharatvarsh existed as a unit in history and still exists today. Today’s intellectuals call this eternal idea Hinduism and use it to deny Hindutva. The difference between Hindutva and Hinduism is also mentioned in the previous article of the Hindutva Yatra. Hindutva cannot be destroyed using a Western idea. Though the word Hindutva is a product of modern history, the idea of ​​Hindutva has existed since Sanatan.

Left-wing historians and intellectuals may be abusive to Hindutva and call its followers fundamentalists, but the truth is that Hindutva is now immortal. The concept of the nation of Bharat is incomplete without Hindutva. If not today, Hindutva will regain its fame in the future.

Now it is also the duty of us Hindus to be helpful in our nation building. For this, it is necessary to be firm towards our religion. Hindutva is the same unshakable idea. It is our responsibility to propagate Hindutva and destroy the hatred of the opponents of the nation. If we are the follower of Hindutva, it does not mean that we are fundamentalists, we are obstinate. Being a Hindutva means being completely devoted to one’s Dharm and nation. We are Hindutvavadi because we are descendants of Shri Ram who also knows to live in the limits of Dharm and also to take up arms to protect Dharm. We are Hindutvavadi because our existence is devoted to our nation. Our deeds are offered at the feet of Mother Bharati.

Therefore, O Hindus! Be a Hindutvavadi and be proud of Hindutva. Be financially prosperous, be culturally sound, follow your Dharm. Do what you can to protect the unity and integrity of the nation.

Dharm and nation are the ultimate truth. Devote your work to them only. Become a partner in building great Bharat.

In the next part of the Hindutva Yatra, we will reflect on the relationship between Hindutva and Veer Savarkar. The next article will be like a fact check which will refute the misconceptions spread about Veer Savarkar’s Hindutva idea.

जय श्री राम।।    

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