Someone is a master of mathematics or a fan of cricket but in Bharat he will not get the right to spread jihad.

A great feature of the Bharatiya media is that it has a recipe to hide the crime of a criminal or a terrorist. They will run the news in such a way that you will not even know and the terrorist will be made a hero.

The news will be like this,

Riyaz Naiku: Master of Mathematics who became a terrorist but why?

Pulwama terrorist who was once a big fan of cricket.

Why a poor headmaster’s son became hizbul’s commander?

This is to say that the news should be run in such a way that the terrorist’s terror reaches the secondary position and in the primary situation, their poverty, their passion and their family status are visible.

It is not all from today. This work has been done by the left-wing media gang for decades, but today due to the availability of social media and media forums like Opindia, the truth of this vicious media is coming before us and you. In fact, the Bharatiya media has never been friendly to Bharat. For decades, the Bharatiya media has been dominated by the leftists and those who run the anti-Bharat agenda, but today when they are getting a lot of competition from the nationalists, then these leftist and anti-India media started calling other media forums with names like “Godi media” or “Bikau media”.

But it is not that there are no such people in the media who run their anti-Bharat agenda. In the name of Freedom of Speech, they have created tremendous mess in television and print media. Now digital media is also at its peak. Here too, there are people who are running anti-Bharat and ultimately anti-Hindu agenda in the name of fact check and ground report.

These are the journalists and media platforms that never got the attention that the army soldier who got Veergati while fighting the terrorists can also be a fan of cricket or his father is also a poor farmer or hawker or can be an ordinary person. Those who received donations from the leftist organizations will never tell you the story of a mother whose son had already left her while fighting the terrorists and now her second son too has gone out to sacrifice his life to protect Bharat. You will never hear the story of sacrifice of the Bharatiya Army from these anti-Bharat journalists. If you listen, just introduce the life of terrorists.

You must have heard that many big organizations have mouthpieces like Panchjanya is the mouthpiece of RSS, Shiv Sena’s mouthpiece is Saamana and BJP’s Kamal Sandesh.

In the same way, these leftist media groups are the mouthpieces of terrorists, who keep praising the terrorists not directly but indirectly. For this, the human rights of the terrorists are more than those of the army personnel who day and night discharge their duty to protect Bharat. Pakistan never has to work very hard to run its agenda in Bharat. Journalists and media houses living in Bharat, keep doing this work here. They spread such a net of words that you do not even know and sympathy for the terrorists arises in your mind. They create such a Chakravyuh that the reader, the listener or the audience enters into that ideological Chakravyuh, but the left is on their own free will and they decide what will come out of their conscience.

The biggest feature of the leftist media and influence groups is that they will show themselves as fiercely neutral groups, but ultimately they will be anti-system. Bharat should protect its sovereignty in any form, but a large media group of Bharat only criticizes it.

Now it is your duty to think whether a terrorist should get the right to spread jihad in Bharat only because he is the son of a poor headmaster. A terrorist can be absolved because he is a big fan of Dhoni or cricket. If a master who teaches mathematics, if he picks up a gun in protest against Bharat, is he not eligible to be called a terrorist or a jihadi?

From this logic, the Kashmiri Pandits should have taken up arms since the nineties because no one has faced more injustice than them in Bharat till date. Hindus of Bengal and Kerala should also choose the path of violence because even today, when democracy is at its peak, Hindus are offering appeasement in these states. Minorities living in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan should also wake up in blood because their life has become like hell in these three countries. But Hindu can never do this because Hindu is really tolerant.

Instead of blaming these terrorists, these leftists have always questioned Bharat’s Kashmir policies and military activities. Earlier it was very simple but since nationalist and fearless journalists and activists are coming to the media and other print tools, the work of the Left has become difficult.

What should we do now? We must do this that we should stop watching all the news and YouTube channels that say a single letter in protest against Bharat. We should boycott the digital and print media that inflict trauma on our nation and Dharm through news. With the help of us and your donation, these clans take the wrong advantage of freedom of speech and dig the roots of Bharat. Use your discretion and identify who is in Bharat’s interest and who is against.

Cooperate those who are in the interest of Bharat and tell those who are against that even if a master teaches English, Mathematics or Science, but if the integrity of our nation is attacked, it will be stopped. Even if someone is a fan of cricket, football or hockey, but the right to life will be taken away from him if he dreams of jihad in Bharatvarsh.

It is not known how many burhan wani, riyaz naikoo have come and gone, but Bharatvarsh is constantly moving forward in its journey and will continue to grow. This is the work place of Prabhu Shri Ram and Shri Krishn. If they know how to fight Dharmyuddh, then they also know how to crush Adharm with the same tactics of Adharm has been using.

वन्दे मातरम।।


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