Ancient Gurukul system of India

One Nation One Education: Not the new education policy but the need for a new education system.

Bharat has always been the center of education in the world. Education has been beautiful as a matter of nation pride since the beginning. The availability of religious texts in abundance had made the path of education easy. This was the reason that in Bharat, thousands of great subjects like astronomy, Ayurved, economics, sociology, politics, rituals, mathematics, science and moral values ​​were studied. In the oldest history, this eternal education system of was endowed by rulers in various periods. The Gurukul education system was a systematic and effective system of the Bharat’s education system where the relationship of Guru & Shishya was more than that of the devotee and God. Apart from the Gurukuls, many main and thriving temples of Bharat were also the center of education. This eternal education system continued successfully till the arrival of foreign invaders. After taking the advantage of the mutual split between the princely states, the foreign invaders started marching towards Bharat. In these radical Islamic invaders the desire to plunder the prosperity of Bharat and establish an empire arose. These invaders knew that if the Islamic empire was to be established in Bharat, then the Hindus here would have to be weakened. For this it was necessary to destroy their education and social system. Then what was there. The Brahmans who taught were massacred. The Gurukuls were destroyed. Temples were demolished and the remaining education facilities were financially crippled. This dictatorship and brutality continued till the arrival of European colonists. The Europeans devised a separate strategy to destroy the education system of Bharat. Their strategy was not based on cruelty and genocide. Although it is not the case that the Europeans did not use these tools, but their priority was the westernization of the education system through administrative and statutory measures. Europeans knew that as long as their eternal education system is established in the public, they cannot be weakened even by violence. To fulfill this goal of establishing the colony, these Europeans broke society of Bharat and ancient education system under a diplomacy. Bharat is still struggling with this inferiority of education. In this article important steps and measures of education renaissance will be discussed.

Macaulay’s Educational Conspiracy…..

Thomas Babington i.e. Lord Macaulay is considered the sculptor of the current education system in Bharat. Macaulay was more scheming than a sculptor. He advocated the introduction of European education system in Bharat along with English education. His aim was visionary. He wanted to make the education of practical subjects like science and economics difficult for common citizens as the then society was mostly dependent on local languages. Macaulay wanted to create a generation in Bharat that advocated the policies of the British Empire. For this work, he subjected the education of humanities and science to English and closed the road to higher education for ordinary citizens of Bharat. Although some pro-Bharat Britishers opposed it at that time, but their numbers were very small, so their voices were suppressed. Macaulay knew that the future of British rule would no longer be in Bharat for a long time, so he tried to create a class within Bharat which would also be supportive of economic and political relations with Britain in future. The great humanities and science education of Bharat began to be declined. European literature became the fashion of the upper class of Bharat. Lower and middle classes were left to work in industrial areas. Imbalance in education started increasing. English speakers became dominant in important fields such as technology and medicine. Education turned into business. The number of students going from Bharat to Britain started increasing and Europe based education system was established in Bharat.

Need for a new education revolution…..

It is not that when it comes to the education system of Bharat, means opposing globalization. The rich knowledge in the world flowed in Bharat as much as anywhere else. The knowledge tradition of Bharat remained a pioneer in every field, be it technical, humanities, medicine or art. The flaw of the current education system is that it lacks the soul of Bharat and uniformity. The first priority of the new education revolution is the integration of education in the nation. It may not sound practical but how can there be a difference in education when we talk about an organized Bharat. Beyond the language boundaries, an education system has to be created which is the same in every state. Equal education means the same syllabus, the same examination and evaluation method and the same educational system. The biggest challenge in this solution is the southern states because their problems regarding language have not been solved yet. But this challenge has to be accepted and a policy has to be made which is inclusive and is in the interest of the nation. The idea of ​​one nation one education is essential for Bharat. School education is an important aspect of this. The states have separate boards of education. CBSE is a pan Bharat board with higher levels than most states. There should not be such a level of education in a single nation. One problem in Bharat was the arbitrary interpretation of history. Since independence, the Left has dominated the field of curriculum construction and research. These historians and leftist intellectuals also changed history. The effect of appeasement was reflected in the course determination. The invaders and the Mughals who plundered Bharat for centuries were called great. There are many incidents that were tampered with and the truth kept away from the pupils.

It is the right of the students to know the truth and it is our duty to make them aware of the truth. Integration of education is necessary for this. All Bharat educational system should be built. Bharat has been a center of innovation. There is no problem here that cannot be found a solution. In such a way, the solution of education integration should also be found. Health and education are the two basic components of any nation. Their stratification is not justified. The education that can be obtained in cities like Bangalore, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai & Jaipur, why not it can be obtained in Jabalpur, Jaunpur, Nashik, Prayagraj. That is to say, whether education is at school level or college level, its trend should be same in all four directions of Bharat. It is true that excellent educational institutions cannot be opened in every district of Bharat, but such elementary education can be arranged in every district so that even a normal student who comes from there has an opportunity to reach these excellent institutions.

Marketization of education is another important issue to consider. Commercialization of the means of education is leading to an imbalance in the society. Due to economic inequality, the availability of education in various sections of society is being adversely affected. This educational inequality has to be eliminated. On the other hand, the rich students of the upper class are able to get good education with the help of all kinds of facility, the lower class students are getting education only in the pursuit of their livelihood or a government job. This disparity is happening in the technical and medical fields because even promising and intelligent students from rural areas are deprived of science education due to the influence of English or are unable to complete education properly. For this, it is necessary to make science education simple and easy. Coaching based higher education system has to be abolished.

The third important requirement of education revolution in Bharat is related to the trend of education. Today, there is a large section of students of Bharat who lack life goals. The purpose of education of this class is living. Most of the students of middle and lower class do education work in search of a simple job. We have to change this trend of theirs. We have to make their Karm meaningful. It is not at all possible that every student can get an opportunity to work in the public sector. The public sector has its limitations. This movement will have to be run across Bharat. Such an education system has to be created so that students can get opportunities according to their ability. Even today there are unlimited opportunities for employment generation and earning in rural Bharat which have not yet been discovered. Education should be based on harmony with such opportunities. Agriculture and allied activities should be included in school level education so that interest in agriculture and other basic works can be developed within the students. The advantage of this will be that new opportunities will appear in rural Bharat and migration to cities will also stop.

There are many important points to consider. But the summary is that it is necessary to change the direction and condition of education in Bharat. We need a new education system today, not a new education policy. An education system that does not become a burden for any section of society. More important is the uniformity of education. It is not that education can be classified within Bharat. That is to say, the education of Karnataka and Bihar should be the same. The way resources are available in Delhi, so should Madhya Pradesh. Students from North East should not come to Gujarat or Maharashtra to get a good education only. It is a different matter that if one wants to leave his state and get education in another state, then he is free but should not be under compulsion.

Human is created by education and human is the focal point of civilization. Education should be taught to be proud of their religion, culture and nation. Education should not be based on untruth. Education based on false history cannot be good for welfare. The great rise of Bharat requires a renaissance of the education system of Bharat.

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