Bharat after Covid19: Problems and Solutions.

Optimism is not a philosophy that cannot be understood. Optimism is not even a dream that can be seen blindly. Optimism is a condition when a path is found out of any crisis or adversity. No crisis is undefined or mysterious. Every crisis brings with it some opportunities besides grief. It is optimism to explore these opportunities. The corona virus crisis has also brought with it some new ideas. It is absolutely true that today there has been an outcry in the world due to Corona virus. Countries like America, Italy, Spain, France, Britain and China also bow down to this crisis. Bharat is also not untouched by this crisis, but due to the security measures taken in Bharat, the effect of Covid19 is limited. But after the crisis of this epidemic, it is the duty of the entire human race to think what the future of the world will be. The rest of the countries will also definitely consider this but this article will talk about the opportunities available to Bharat. We will see how Bharat is able to find something positive for herself from this crisis arising due to Corona virus.

Discipline and control…..

The first requirement is a disciplined and controlled lifestyle. During the lock down to protect against the corona virus, it was seen that indiscipline was done at many places across Bharat. Then whether it be breaking the lock down or the rogue with the Corona Warriors. Apart from this, due to the deteriorating routine and uncontrolled working style of many people, it was becoming difficult for them to stay at home. Many dignitaries including the Prime Minister were also appealing to people to stay in the house, but many people were deliberately breaking the lock down bypassing this appeal due to their undisciplined nature. There has always been a problem of indiscipline among the people of Bharat. Due to this problem, Bharat was infamous due to high casualties at the time of traffic accidents and natural disasters. Today we have to understand that we cannot be irresponsible. When the nation is in the midst of crisis, it becomes our first duty to help governance and administration by remaining disciplined. In fact, this lesson of discipline should be taught from school itself. The education that is given since childhood is remembered throughout life. Right now the government can succeed in stopping this by setting strict penalties, but a long-term solution has to be found. Discipline and duty should be reflected in the daily routine of the citizens of this nation. Social distancing and hygiene practice are an example of this disciplined routine as the perfect weapon to fight the corona virus.


Another worrying aspect of the Corona virus crisis in Bharat is the migration of workers. When Bharat took the bold step of complete lock-down, then the biggest concern was to protect the trapped laborers and workers in other states. Bharat is a nation of philanthropists and with the start of the lock down many people came to the aid of the laborers and the poor but there is a limit to the help. When the corona virus is continuously increasing in some areas, then the safety of the people will also have to be taken care of. Even if able people help laborers and workers for some time, but in the end, a complete solution to this problem must be found. After all, why more and more people are leaving their villages and going towards cities to earn money? Migration is a major problem of Bharat because it increases the burden on cities. Apart from this, the states are not able to fully help these migrants coming from outside. There is another negative aspect of migration, agriculture and allied activities are getting depleted as people leave the villages. Whereas agriculture is the most important for Bharat because it is the most employment-generating sector and it also fulfills Bharat’s primary needs. Promoting agriculture is necessary to prevent migration. Villages can be enabled for agriculture related activities such as food processing and value addition. Apart from this, employment and earning opportunities can be created in villages through hand craft and cottage industries. Even today there is no dearth of opportunities in rural Bharat. For services sector also, villages can prove to be better, in such a situation, there is a need to formulate a new type of policy for the development of villages, which is based on technology and efficiency. It is not that migration is bad, but everything can be profitable within a range. For the unity and integrity of the nation, there should be a positive relationship between the states and migration is a better medium, whether educational or employment, but migration is right as long as the workers can be provided with a better life.

Make in India…..

Since the crisis of covid19, the trust of many big companies has not been as strong on China as it used to be. Now these companies are moving out of China and looking for new bases. Bharat, Vietnam and Thailand claim the strongest among these bases. But Bharat has the opportunity to attract these companies and ensure their place as the world’s production factory. This requires fundamental policy changes. The population of Bharat has a positive side as a labor force. Through this population, a workforce can be supplied to various companies in Bharat for production. For this, there is a need to make the Skill India program even more effective. The Skill India program is beneficial for the nation as a whole, but it should be implemented better in the villages. For this self-help groups can be used. It is also the duty of the states to make policy changes and simplify and ease the investment process to attract companies looking out of China and exploring new production areas. While being the Chief Minister of Gujarat, Shri Narendra Modi did this task with great efficiency. Under the leadership of Mahant Shri Yogi Adityanath, Uttar Pradesh is also going to start the process of policy formulation to motivate investors for investment and production work in the state. After the corona virus crisis has passed, the Government of Bharat will have the opportunity to rebuild the Make in India program. No better opportunity can be created for employment generation.

Reconstruction of health facilities…..

At this time the problem of not only Bharat but the whole world is the continuous supply of health facilities because the countries which used to provide the best health facilities, due to the corona virus crisis, have come on their knees today. A country with a large population like Bharat has limited health facilities. Therefore, it was necessary that the corona virus be prevented from spreading, otherwise this epidemic in Bharat could take a fatal form. Now Bharat has to understand that the time has come to strengthen health facilities. No one knows when an epidemic suddenly makes the whole world helpless. In fact, we disrespected our traditional knowledge. Bharat is the father of priceless health facilities like Ayurved and Yoga, but their expansion and empowerment was not given much attention which was necessary. However, after the BJP formed the government at the Center, Yoga gave it the respect it should have been given globally. At the time of covid19, the Prime Minister himself is asking people to do yoga but Ayurved and other treatment methods also need to be taken forward continuously. Ayurved has been prevalent in Bharat for many centuries, but the way Ayurved has been ignored for the last few decades was not correct. Today the best way to avoid the corona virus is to keep the immunity strong and better than Ayurved, remedies cannot be found anywhere else. At first, when people themselves preached that we should drink decoction or use Ayurvedic remedies, then we sat in front of the World Health Organization to say that we will do the same but in the end the government itself has to give suggestions to the people to use Ayurved. Had to inspire traditional medicine of Bharat has always been given a secondary status. There was a severe shortage of research work in Ayurved. The reason behind this was the inability to get adequate financial support to departments and institutions associated with Ayurved and other traditional treatment methods. We should come out of this trend. Ayurved is our oldest knowledge. With its help, we kept our nation healthy and prosperous for centuries. Even today Ayurved is equally effective. Its biggest feature is availability, because even the items used in daily life are also described in Ayurved as medicine. Such shrubs and plants around us which we consider futile are beneficial for our good health in some form or the other. In such a situation, it is our duty and responsibility of the government to spread the knowledge of this great ancient knowledge. Its two main benefits are that the health expenditure of the people will be reduced and secondly due to better propagation of Ayurved, our farmers will get its benefit.

Startup & Business Innovation…..

Apart from all these points, the need for startups and entrepreneurs to be active in Bharat has increased. Activism that is dedicated to solutions, dedicated to rural development, new working style and simplicity of life. Bharat stands in the category of developed countries in terms of innovation. In such a situation, it becomes the duty of entrepreneurs and starters to invent above the personal benefit according to the changing circumstances. Today rural Bharat is most in need of inventions. In Bharat, inclusive development of villages is needed to reduce load on the cities. These include agricultural innovation and upgrading of business technology. This crisis of corona virus has given us an opportunity to change our policies and thought making process. Today the whole world has come to know that what was being considered adequate is actually still insufficient. Bharat has the capacity to work according to changed circumstances. The most positive aspect is the extraordinary majority achieved by the government here and the present government of Bharat is also capable of bringing new changes.

No crisis is too big to pose a threat to human survival. Human race has been created only to fight such crises and then Bharat has always been the guide of the whole world. In technology, even if Bharat stands two to four steps behind some developed countries, it will be found to be standing in the forefront in living. Many such crises occurred in the history of Bharat when the frustration started increasing, but under those circumstances, Bharat not only succeeded in fighting the crises with its unique strength but also suggested new paths to the world. We are citizens of this great nation and frustration does not suit us. We have to take inspiration from our history and along with coming out of this crisis, we also have to prepare plans for the future. All this is possible when we have determined and disciplined in life to become a partner in the work of nation building. Organization is the first requirement for this. Only when we get organized will we be able to achieve our goal.

वन्दे मातरम।।       

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