Dear Hindu! Stop giving justification to everyone.

We offer Arghya  to Sun because it causes skin nourishment and removal of viruses & bacteria from our body surface. Gayatri Mantra  is very good for our nervous system. We Hindus don’t eat onion because it causes burning sensation and excess hotness. Many Hindus can be seen justifying our Sanatan  practices. There is a tendency to cite examples of science and technology while addressing the Sanatan  and Hindu culture. But why the compulsion to justify and who we are trying to convince?

Let us first examine the former question. It comes from our history. We are confused with our historical identity. Actually we have to follow our traditions and also remain in the race of globalization & modernity. This confusion was created with the help of current education system. Hindus  have an inferiority complex which prevents them from accepting their Dharm  universally. We want our identity to remain as a modern caste. For this, we keep our traditions and customs under the shadow of science. We compare. Sometimes from our relatives, sometimes from neighbors and as a nation from the western world. It is completely wrong to do this because there is nothing in the west that they can be proud of. We should be proud of us where knowledge, science, dharm & philosophy originated and flourished from time immemorial. In such a situation, who can we compare ourselves to? But we do. Every one of us wishes that the Hindu Dharm  of Bharatvarsh be immortal and long lived like the light of sun but no one wants to start it from ourselves. Sanskrit  is loved but nobody wants to know it after studying it. This is the problem because we are lazy and our fear, our inhibitions have become our laziness. Even after trying, we are not able to be strong towards our traditions. This brings out the lack of self pride.

Now come to second part of our question. Who we are trying to convince?

To whom we want to give justification by expressing disbelief in our Dharm? They are the leftists who have spent their life in tarnishing our history. We are trying to convince such intellectuals and ideological enemies for whom our eternal history has no existence. These are the people who deny the existence of Shri Ram  and call our Puran & texts false. We Hindus  make such people great. These are the people who do not want us to be proud of our traditions and religious affluence. But we remain a part of their conspiracy. Which west are we smearing our pride to follow? The same west where acceptance of life has no fundamental values, where life has no real meaning or the west where capitalism has came to dominate in such a way that all social structures have become non-existent. In order to follow the west, we try to hide our Hindu Pride which we ourselves taught knowledge and science to them.

Stop all this. Accept your identity and declare your existence. There is no need to hide our folklore, traditions and Sanatan  under the cover of science. Say that we perform Yajna  for the observance of our vedic tradition and not for the destruction of germs. Say that we chant the Gayatri Mantra  because Maa Gayatri  is our Adishakti  and not to keep our nervous system healthy. Say that we keep nine day fast to worship Maa Durga  and not to strengthen our immune system.

Until you will not accept your Vedic Pride, your enemies will continue to run their agenda by taking advantage of your helplessness. If you want to teach the world about science then do research on your ancient science. There are also many type of scientific Yajna. The entire Ayurved  is full of medical research, work on it. The exact interpretation of astronomy in Hindu  texts is probably best in any corner of the world. Bharatvarsh has tremendous reserves of knowledge and science, explore them and prove your superiority.

It is not that people are not aware of the above things. In many areas around the world, there are Hindus  in important positions who publicly acknowledge their Hindu  identity with pride. After Narendra Modi  came to power, the cultural identity of Hindus is expanding wonderfully around the world. Many organizations like ISKCON  are firmly establishing Sanatan  on the global stage but it is necessary to collectively awaken the Hindus  to establish Bharatvarsh  as the VishvaGuru  where the largest population of Hindus  resides.

So all my Hindus, wherever you live in the world and the position you hold, do not leave your pride that Sanatan  has given us. The history of our Dharm  makes us the best. Our Ved, Puran & Texts  makes us the best. We are residents of the land of Ram & Krishna. We are residents of a land where civilization has been practicing devotion, dharm, knowledge, science and philosophy since time immemorial. In such a situation, we are the greatest among all, so why do we need to prove this to anyone? There is a need to awaken that pride of greatness within ourself.

सबल बनो सफल बनो।

जय श्री राम।।

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