Hindutva Yatra.

What is Hindutva? What is Hinduism? What is the difference between Hindutva & Hinduism? Why there is too much hate about Hindutva? These are the questions that need to be answered as soon as possible because if we don’t look for the answers, we will be trapped in the conspiracy of manipulation that has been quilling for many decades. A combined lobby of left intellectuals, historians and political leaders is the main subject master of this conspiracy.

There are some myths circulated across the Bharatvarsh about Hindutva. I am giving some crucial points in brief.

  • Hindutva is only a political ideology and it has nothing to deal with Dharm, culture and immortal identity of Bharat.
  • A Hindutvavadi (follower of hindutva) hates to other sects.
  • Hindutva violates “secular” Hindu way of life. Look at the manipulation of words. To discriminate Hindutva, these conspirators came up with a new term, “secular Hindu way of life”.
  • Hindutva is the brain child of Vinayak Damodar savarkar.

These are very few but there are so many myths that can be described in book and still it will be insufficient.

Here at Raag Bharat we are starting a new article series based on the Hindutva called “Hindutva Yatra”. In this series we will try to bust these myths. No one can define Hindutva in some thousand words because Hindutva is not a topic or subject. But Hindutva is the summary of Sanatan. It is an emotion that can’t be limited to pen & paper. We don’t know that what is the destination of this journey but we are sure about our efforts. The first article will be about the introduction of Hindutva and we will go ahead order by.

Hope you will help us to reach more and more people so that we can spread the Vijay Saga of Hindutva.

वन्दे मातरम।।

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