How traditional Indian values are perfect to fight Covid19.

2019-coronavirusFrom thousands of centuries, India has been practicing her rituals and traditions. India is the only nation on the whole Earth that never transformed from her root. There is no doubt about the evolution of human being but as a culture India didn’t forget her great extract of rich identity. Now when the world is fighting to a deadly virus, India can teach to the world about some practices to be prepared for this type of havoc. One need to understand that though India holds good probability to come up with a vaccine to cure Covid19 but there are a lot of ideas to fight with the mysterious virus.

Social Distancing.

Indian villages have the best model for social distancing. USA, UK, Italy and many badly affected countries are struggling to teach their citizen about social distancing but it is deep rooted somewhere in the soul of micro India. People shake hands very rarely. Instead they prefer Ram-Ram, Jai Ram Ji Ki or Radhe-Radhe to greet each other with folding hand that transformed in Pranam or Namaste in professional manner. There is modesty in relations where a distance has been maintained between relatives, in comparison to the so called cities where hugging to each other is quite a normal thing and today is the time when a son is afraid to hug his father. Oh time! How great you are. But it doesn’t mean that there is no love and intensity in villages among the citizens. They are the people who manage their relations at the best level.

Note: I am writing “villages” again & again because the true Indian traditions are preserved within the trail of Indian countryside. If we compare it with cities, we will hardly find these protocols. Exceptions are those who still connected to their roots.

Primary Health Requirements.

Many of us have listened about the local remedies of our grannies (called Dadi Maa or Nani ke Nuskhe). All the substances related to these remedies were available in our divine kitchens. These remedies helped us to maintain our immune system. Whether it was cold or cough, fever or abdominal problems, we had solutions in our households. That can even today make us free from regular use of Azythromycin or Paracetamol like medicines. What is the reason behind the hazardous situation created by Covid19? Simply a weak immune system and a full bag of other health issues made it simple for Coronavirus to harm the patients. These Cardamom, Tulsi, Ginger and Cloves like substances are powerful enough to make us healthy on regular basis. No one is claiming that these substances can cure Covid19 but for centuries these all were using for maintaining immune system that can weaken by frequent cough, cold and fever like problems.

Sanitation Practices.

We are living in 21st century and still the Prime Minister of our nation is making efforts to make our nation clean and healthy. But do you know that the cleanliness and sanitation was essential part of our daily routine. It exists in villages and small cities yet. A woman only after taking bath can cook food and no one without bath is allowed to enter in kitchen. In the core of our cities, it is too cool to not take bath. It indicates the so called modernization of youth. It just takes some ten to fifteen minutes to take bath and even less but not taking bath in now days emerged as thoughtlessness. It is not possible in villages.

In many parts of India, people worship Shaligram & Laddu Gopal . When people place their idols in home, garlic and onion is not used in cooking. Though it is matter of faith but it can assert the seriousness of Indian practice of divinity.

There is the biggest problem of manipulation is presented in Indian education and social system where the sanitation practices tied with Brahmins and it is said that these practices are made by Brahmins to discriminate other sections of society. Communist lobby of India did that work very honestly and efficiently. But think for a moment and decide that can sanitation and cleanliness should be considered with respect to Brahmins only.

Disaster Management.

The most crucial part of this coronavirus outbreak is the management and care of underprivileged people resided in various part of nation. Since three or four decades India has seen mass migration from villages. Millions of people leaved their homes and migrated to big cities in search of employment. Now when the government announced the full lockdown for 21 days, the matter of survival emerged as a prime concern for these migrants. They started leaving these cities to return their homes. It could become a disaster. However the proactive government, social workers and organization like RSS, RedCross etc performed their duty very well. But we have to rethink about rural based policy implementation. Because the mass migration is not good for nation as it will increase the load on cities. At that time our villages have great model of disaster management. Agriculture based households always maintained their grain requirements and can even help to the needy one. In villages no one can sleep in hunger. Mutual relations are the quality of rural lifestyle.

When the coronavirus outbreak will get over and India will return on the normalcy, it will be our combined duty to rethink on our policy structure. We need to redefine the relations of villages to cities. We don’t need to make our villages smart and convert them into city. Just ensure the social security for every person but let the villages conserve their divine traditions. It is also important that the old Indian traditions should be nurtured and practiced by the citizens of urban areas because these are the common heritage of our immortal culture.

Traditions are rich resource of knowledge, remedies and ideas to maintain the smoothness in thy life. Sanatan teaches us the duty and discipline needed badly at the recent time. When the whole world is suffering from the greatest health crisis, India can lead the way by showing her ability to fight the biggest enemies of humanity. And it is hidden somewhere in our households, texts, temples.

So oh my Indians! Come and explore your capacities, preserve your culture & dharm and just lead the world.

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